About Us – You may have noticed that MD GROUP SCRUBS was formerly known as FOOT-SCRUBS, a little company that launched in 2012 with the idea to enhance the scrubs you wear to work every day with art designs specific to your practice, embroidery options or just plain great scrubs.

In 2016 we proudly partnered with MD BUYING GROUP (A Medical Supply company created by Physicians for Physicians) and now we continue to grow our vision.

Enjoy your shopping experience with us and have fun with choosing the scrubs that best suit you and your group. GET READY TO BE NOTICED!

About The Art – When you are working at what you love in life, it is your world, your hope and your joy! We wanted to add art to your scrubs that represents those feelings.

The formation of the Art for the scrubs, is meant to be a subtle but classy representation of your field of medicine. All of the Art is inspired or original and is a collaboration of computer graphic designers, artists, and our Silk Screen Printer and their professional teams.

The art of Silk Screening is science. We worked very closely with our screen printer, whose professional experience gives us the best results when printing on the fabric blends of scrubs. Your scrubs will wash and wear beautifully!

Why MD Group Scrubs? – Professionalism, identity, pride, unity….would these words describe the first impression you would like to give to your patients?

When your team wears quality work wear that looks good, has functionality and is cohesive, EXPECT TO MAKE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION!

Let us help you create your group style! Call, email, and shop at MD GROUP SCRUBS OR MD BUYING GROUP for your next purchase of scrubs and supplies!


Thanks and have FUN!

Lynn Ruckstuhl and the Team at MD Buying Group

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Created by Physicians for Physicians

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